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You can make your home a little more livable—and a lot more automated—by adding appliances and devices you can control from anywhere.


Increase your home’s energy efficiency by remotely powering off systems and appliances when they aren’t in use, yes read it right! This is possible with our smart switches and application.

Don’t you hate having to rely on neighbors to watch your house when you’re gone? Open the loggin digital app see what is running at home and turn off/on. You have unexpected guest, give them access for guest room with guest access feature in the application. Customize as per your need.


Your home is about to get clever through our smart door lock. You can give and set permissions to only your family members to lock or unlock your door, can approve a guest entry from remote location. Multiple options to unlock your door hassle free, passcode, finger print, smart card and mobile application.



Home automation literally pays off. When you are able to use home systems and appliances only when needed, the savings will be apparent in the first utility bill. No more wasting money on lights left on when you aren’t home. No running through the house turning everything off, no time spent worrying about what was or wasn’t turned off. Instaling our smart sensors your appliance will turn off they arent in use. Rooms, balcony, wasrroms will welcomes you with the light turned on and waves you back with bye by turning off the lights.


Ever leave for work in the morning when it was a comfortable 30° outside only to come home to a sweltering house because the temperature shot up to 40°?

Instal the IR universal remote at your home let you conveniently adjust your home temperature from the mobile app so your family is always comfortable. No more searching for remotes, no more changing baterries and it goes on. More than 3000 devices are added to the application and you can operative all your existing applicance from our application.


Have you ever wondered! That light can change your mood and keep up the mood? Yes it can.

We have lights as per your requirement, do not want to turn off light everytime you leave the home. We got smart lights for you that detect the human motion. Lets get into some party mood, create scenes with the RBG lights system, Lights that you can control the brighness.


Simple Smart plug for your socket to operate from our application. Turn on/off remote from our app is that easy

Make your home a Smart one like you

We are here to help you in making it smarter, ask her how. Leave your details and wait for the magic to happen at your home